That’s Channing Tatum’s Real Blood in Foxcatcher


In Foxcatcher, Channing Tatum's character deals with his rage and insecurity in an unusual way: He looks deep into a mirror, then smashes his own face in. A new profile of Tatum in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the actor might be the same way. "I have a lot of anger in me," he tells the magazine, and director Bennett Miller confirms. While filming a hotel-room breakdown, Miller says, "he punched [a mirror] with his head three times and shattered it, and put his head through it ... When we took the mirror down, there was a hole in the wall." Is Miller sure? Oh, he's positive: "He actually cut himself, and you see his blood in that scene. This was somebody uncorking something that you can't make up. It's inside you somewhere or it's not."