‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Is Headed to Cable


Comedy Central might have passed on The Chris Gethard Show pilot earlier this year, but hope is never lost for the TCGS gang. During last night’s show, Gethard announced that his longtime public access show has now found a home on cable, though the network has yet to be revealed. Here’s a statement from Gethard on the news:

I’m super excited to say that it looks like TCGS has found a home on cable. Nothing is 100% set in stone just yet, but things are close enough to being finalized that people on all sides were down with letting me give a goodbye to our public access supporters in case we go into production in January and don’t get to come back and have a farewell episode on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. On my end I can say that I am so beyond excited about our future home - I walked away from my meeting with them feeling like they were progressive, looking to innovate, and down to help us really rattle the chains and see what we can do with this thing we’ve built. They really feel like kindred spirits in so many ways, and if you know anything about our show you know that to say that about development executives is kind of a miracle, because our show is bonkers magoo. My plan is to make these people look like geniuses for taking a chance on us and to turn many heads. For a few years all I’ve been saying is that I can’t give up on TCGS, because we’ve managed to do something that feels unique with tons of limitations. I always felt like if I gave up before finding someone who could give us a small budget and a real chance at doing it right, I’d kick myself forever. We finally get a chance to do it right, so now we just have to put up or shut up. We plan on bringing you the same balls out idiotic comedy with real honesty and emo heart and dedication to its fans we’ve always brought, just now we can do it with a set that doesn’t have to fit in the trunk of my car and also I assume the lights won’t turn off halfway through an episode and we won’t have to deal with a situation where we show up and someone has stolen all the microphones. It’s going to be so rad.Also, I am someone who always works best while chasing an unrealistic dream. Now that it looks like we’re going to accomplish the unrealistic dream of leaping from public access over to cable, I’m calling it now - TCGS will win an Emmy within two years. Quote me on that.