Ant Man Teaser: Paul Rudd Is a Bit Confused, Too


Marvel shared the first full look at Ant Man tonight on ABC, during Agent Carter. Thank the marketing and promotion gods this one was big enough for human eyes because we can only take so much teasing. But speaking of teasing, that's just what this is: You can see Paul Rudd do a stellar I-am-very-intrigued face (can you blame him?) amid shots of the Ant Man suit, Ant Man copter (probably not what it is actually called, but maybe), and Michael Douglas's facial hair. It looks like it's going to be a tone-confused movie (in a good way, hopefully?) with lots of frustrated Corey Stoll, heist action, and fighting for a good cause (Rudd is a con man–cum–superhero who dons the shrinking suit to save his daughter and the world). All of that is coming to theaters on July 17.