‘Serial’ Hits Back on Prosecutor’s Allegations

Photo: Meredith Heuer/This American Life

Since its finale, "Serial" had become less a true-crime podcast and more a metafictional exercise on the shifting nature of truth. Weeks after key witness Jay Wilds introduced another timeline of events for the day of Hae Min Lee's murder, prosecutor Kevin Urick took to the Intercept to allege that he wasn't contacted by the podcast's producers until shortly before the end of its run. Though the "Serial" team maintained they tried to contact Urick multiple times in the months before the series premiered, the Intercept sided with Urick, calling their efforts "underwhelming" and "the most troubling thing about" the entire project. Now, in a series of tweets, the "Serial" team has responded to the Intercept's response to Urick's criticism of the podcast's criticism of the state's case.