Viola Davis Wants to Be on Game of Thrones


Head to the weirwoods, pray to the new gods, eat a horse heart, sacrifice somebody to R'hllor, and drown yourself for good measure — whatever it takes to get Viola Davis on Game of Thrones. Davis tells TV Guide that she'd "love" to be on GOT. "I'd want to play a character like Diana Rigg — like a really great, no-nonsense, formidable queen. But I want to kill somebody. With a spear." Rigg plays master maneuverer and salty broad Olenna Tyrell, who hasn't killed anyone with a spear … yet. Type faster, George R.R. Martin.

In case you needed more reasons to be super-pro–Viola Davis, she also admits that she loves Snapped and Tabatha's Salon Takeover. "I want people to think I'm a very serious actress who watches very serious things … but I love Tabatha, because she is hardcore." From here on out, consider Davis's How to Get Away With Murder character Annalise Keating a hybrid of Tabatha, Olenna Tyrell, and the women on Snapped.