Watch a Girls Deleted Scene


Girls' fourth season premieres Sunday, so what better opportunity to revisit last year's premiere? Way back then, Jessa was trying to get out of rehab, and Hannah, Adam, and Shoshanna took a road trip to go get her. In this (correctly) deleted scene, it seems Shosh was an even loopier travel companion than she appeared in the completed episode. Everyone knows the rules of a good road trip, folks: No. 1, don't bring last night's conquest to see you off (and don't be rude to someone who wants to be nice, jeez); No. 2, bring snacks; and No. 3, if the opportunity presents itself to treat everyone to a meal or outing, do so. No. 4, bring a sweatshirt, because the hottest person in the car gets to set the temperature. No. 5, no whining. Anyway, lots of road-trip rules, and Shosh is following none of them.