Jennifer Lawrence’s Makeup Is Dreadful in This Deleted Hunger Games: Mockingjay Scene


Like Jennifer Lawrence herself, Hunger Games heroine Katniss adopts a gritted-teeth approach to glamour: Spending an hour in the makeup chair isn't really her thing, but she knows it's a mandatory part of the gig. Still, even Katniss has her limits, and you'll see them tested in this exclusive deleted scene from the home-video release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 (out February 17 on Digital HD and March 6 on Blu-ray/DVD and on demand), as the untrained glam squad attending to her in down-and-dirty District 13 won't exactly win any awards for their contouring. Watch as Katniss admirably endures their pokes and prodding before Effie (Elizabeth Banks) swoops in to save the day.