Jason Jones Leaving The Daily Show

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty

Jason Jones is leaving The Daily Show to star in the semiautobiographical TBS sitcom he and Samantha Bee co-wrote. (The untitled family comedy earned a ten-episode pickup today, TBS announced.) Jones confirmed his exit on Twitter this afternoon, writing, "For 9 & 1/2 years, I have worked at one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But... It is time for me to go." Jones and Bee, his wife and fellow TDS correspondent, will write the pilot and serve as executive producers for the series, but Bee's future at The Daily Show is unclear. She's not in this new sitcom — Natalie Zea plays Jones's wife — and she's TDS's longest-running correspondent, and thus in the running for the anchor seat Jon Stewart is about to vacate. Comedy Central did not yet return a request for comment, but we hope their comment is "change is terrible and we will do literally anything to keep Samantha Bee."

Update: Comedy Central tells Vulture, "Samantha Bee will remain with the show." Close enough!