David Duchovny Thought Mulder Was the ‘Worst FBI Agent of All Time’

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny attend The Truth Is Here: David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson On "The X-Files" at The Paley Center for Media on October 12, 2013 in New York City. Photo: Rommel Demano/WireImage

The truth is out there, but Mulder might not be the one to find it. David Duchovny didn't think his character Fox Mulder was a very good agent. "The interesting thing about Mulder is nominally he is law enforcement but he never solved one case in nine years," he told the New York Times. "So he’s the worst F.B.I. agent of all time. As F.B.I. agents, I would say we were not by the book. Especially Mulder." As for how he thinks the miniseries reboot will go (they're all the rage!), he believes that he and Gillian Anderson, who plays his partner Dana Scully, are far better actors now than when they first began:

And I think we’ve both gotten better as we’ve gotten older, so how do we bring that to bear on these characters? If I were to look back at the first or second year of the show, I wouldn’t try to act like that guy. I’m capable of doing more. She’s capable of doing more. It’ll be interesting to see how we keep the characters the same but also the actors are better.

Scully and Mulder: older, world-weary, and possibly raising alien brood.