Damon Albarn Sounds Sad on Blur’s Moody New Song


Three singles from Blur’s comeback LP The Magic Whip have already dropped, and they're all pretty great. Collectively, “Lonesome Street,” “There Are Too Many of Us,” and “Go Out” channel the infectious yet wounded post-Brit-pop punch of Blur’s later, American-influenced albums. But the moody new single “My Terracotta Heart” has a decidedly darker sound. Continuing the slinky-sad sound Damon Albarn first experimented with on Gorillaz’s 2005 modern classic Demon Days (it even has the electronic blips and droning percussion), “My Terracotta Heart” sounds like the album art looks: a nocturnal, neon-steeped ice cream cone, as cool as it is chilly. The Magic Whip comes out April 27.