Madonna Made Out With Drake at Coachella; He Was Like, ‘Oh, Yeah,’ Until He Was Like, ‘Oh, No’


Sunday night, Drake closed out Coachella 2015's first weekend with a headlining set. Things started out well (albeit 30 minutes late), and he was running through his hits with his woes — er, fans — until things took a drastic turn for the worse. As rumored, Madonna made a surprise appearance for the jungle-themed performance of "Madonna" (seriously, there was a waterfall and campfire). It began on a high note: Madge threw it back to 1994's "Human Nature," then went onto a more recent hit, "Hung Up." Then, out of nowhere, Drake took a seat on a chair center stage, and it became suddenly apparent that things were about to get "Anaconda"-level uncomfortable. And boy, did they:

The kiss started out fairly tame. Maybe it'll just be a quick smooch, we all hoped.

Even Drake seemed pretty into it. Here he is, momentarily forgetting Madonna wears a weave and trying to run his hands through Madge's hair. "Down, boy," she commanded.

Then Madonna did that thing that Dennis Rodman taught her — you know the one — but Drake did not seem super into it. Then she was like, "Byeeeeeee."

Bet Drake never thought he'd have this much in common with Britney Spears.