Argo 2 and 15 More Insane Cannes Posters


At the Palais des Festivales at the Cannes Film Festival, some of the most acclaimed films in world cinema unspool in front of glamorous, moneyed audiences clad in couture. Underneath the Palais, however, you'll find the Marché du Film, where posters tout some of the wildest direct-to-video schlock imaginable, hoping to snag the eye of some tiny, forgiving indie distributor with a penchant for the films of Tara Reid and Dolph Lundgren. As is our yearly tradition, Vulture braved the maze of the Marché this morning to bring you some of the craziest posters on display. Click on through for a look at the insane movies up for grabs, and can someone please get in touch with Ben Affleck's lawyer?