‘InGen’ Releases Viral Video for Jurassic World


The marketing team for Jurassic World has been releasing  trailers of gradually increasing intensity for a while now, from those brief, inconsequential images of sexy Chris Pratt to the giant, whalelike dinosaur monster thing leaping out of the water to the first glimpse of Pratt riding with raptors. Now the Jurassic World PR team has stepped backward — 22 years backward, to be precise.

In a clever new bit of viral marketing, the scientists at InGen, the company responsible for creating Jurassic Park in the first place, talk about the mistakes of the past and the possibilities of the future. They elucidate on the process of bringing dinosaurs back to life, as well as creating a new dinosaur and why they're not the same company as they were 22 years ago. The mingling of science, pseudo-science, and pure science fiction harkens back to Steven Spielberg’s original, which is kind of cool.