Thom Yorke’s Latest Work Is on the Longer Side

Thom Yorke. Photo: Mark Metcalfe/2012 Getty Images

Thom Yorke's latest project is a 432-hour-long soundtrack, which has no two minutes sounding exactly the same, The Independent reports. Dubbed Subterranea, the evolving project is playing in the background of a new, 18-day-long Stanley Donwood exhibition ("The Panic Office") in Sydney, Australia. (Yorke did Donwood the majorly dedicated solid because the latter is the guy who has designed a massive chunk of Radiohead's album art.) The show began May 21 and will continue through June 6; it so far sounds like "an eerie mix of ambient textures, experimental sounds, and field recordings," according to Australia's radio station Triple J. Consequence of Sound adds that the work's "subs will boom from the floor, mids will echo through the walls, while the highs rain down from the ceiling." Neat. At the moment, it unfortunately looks like the marathon track won't be released to the public after the exhibition, but you can check out a preview here. (And if you're really into it, I guess you can buy plane tickets here.)