With No More Parks and Rec, Amy Poehler and Michael Schur Are Writing Each Other Leslie Knope Fanfiction

Knope and Change. Photo: NBC

Every year that Parks and Recreation was on the air, Amy Poehler and showrunner Mike Schur would have a long conversation in August about Leslie's arc for the upcoming season. Now that P&R has ended its run, Poehler tells Uproxx she's got an unusual vacation-themed plan to keep the tradition going. "[That talk] was something I looked forward to. It was like going back to school and this is the first year in seven years we aren’t doing it," Poehler says. "So, [Mike and I are] going to be together on vacation with our families for the purpose of doing that. ... I want him to pitch me every August what’s happening to Leslie that year, even though I’m not playing her anymore. I trust that he will have a good sense of what she’s doing and I want to know! I want him to go, 'So, I think Leslie’s at her job at this point.' I just want to hear; I just want to track what she’s doing." If Schur and Poehler live long enough, this means we'll finally get an answer to the President Knope question!