Sideshow Bob Will Kill Bart Simpson This Fall: Report

Bart. Photo: FOX

EW is reporting that after 20-plus years of fantasizing about a Bart Simpson death scenario, Sideshow Bob's dreams will come true. Simpsons EP Al Jean revealed the news over the weekend at the show's ATX fest panel in Austin, Texas, cryptically leaving out most of the details but promising that Kelsey Grammer would be coming back to voice the toon serial killer for a very special segment. The mayhem is supposed to happen on this fall's "Treehouse of Horror" installment — with Bart only keeling over temporarily, ultimately coming back for the rest of the season. "I'm one of the people who always wanted the coyote to eat the roadrunner," Jean told EW. "I hated frustration comedy, so we'll scratch that itch." Wow, okay, RIP, Bart. Kind of. (Also, no news on Harry Shearer yet.)