There Will Be a Musical Version of The O.C.

The O.C. cast.

Variety reports that The O.C., Fox's teen drama that bred a cult fan base in the mid-aughts, is receiving the musical treatment (no, not the Turkish version, though that was fun). The plot is unclear at the moment, but it seems like the production will center on many of the classic characters, including Luke Ward and Kirsten Cohen. (Oddly enough, Josh Schwartz, the TV show's creator, will also be a character in the musical.) The project is coming from the same team behind Cruel Intentions: The Musical and is slated for a one-night-only run August 30 in L.A. Other personnel and logistical details haven't been announced yet, but here's a Hail Mary hoping that Chris Pratt is somehow involved and that this is super successful and becomes a Broadway musical. (If you're worried that might not happen, here are some L.A. travel options to get you started.)