Smash Mouth Singer Hates Bread, Cusses Out Crowd


Smash Mouth was supposed to crush it at the Taste of Fort Collins music fest Sunday in Colorado, but lead singer Steve Harwell didn't take too kindly to some of the crowd's antics. A select few nostalgia-hating attendees thought it a good idea to pelt the vocalist with chunks of bread while he was getting ready to perform an "All Star" encore. (Why bread? It's a food and music festival, and one of the vendor booths there was giving away loaves of bread gratis because maybe they were thinking nothing bad would ever happen if they gave away free bread.) Naturally and understandably, Harwell didn't like this. Unfortunately, though, he lost his cool and proceeded to act very unlike an all-star, firing off a string of insults and threats for anyone in the crowd brave enough to mess with him. People began booing. Harwell jumped offstage. Security intervened. Nobody won. Lesson for everybody: Keep your bread and your big-boy swear words to yourself.