Channing Tatum’s Gambit Could Be in Trouble

Channing Tatum. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

The Wrap reports that Channing Tatum might be getting ready to bail on the Gambit spinoff. The trade site didn't note any specific reasons, but one of its sources said "something was up." It would be a shame if Tatum's deal fell apart because then all those magician-slash-card-throwing lessons would've been for naught — unless he's joining a Burt Wonderstone sequel or a Jimmy Fallon–produced Magic Mike sequel. (More so, it would be a shame because this movie is supposed to be a passion project of Tatum's, and the actor would play one helluva Gambit, a fan-favorite character people would love to see on the big screen portrayed by someone who actually gets the character.) The Wrap thinks Tatum could stay on in a producing role if things don't go entirely south, adding that one of the reasons for potential departure could be a desire to work instead on a directorial effort. Nothing has been finalized, however, and the film is still slated for its October 2016 release, with production supposedly starting soon. (For the love of Remy, guys, work something out.)