Yes, Chris Pine Will Co-star in Wonder Woman

Chris Pine. Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

As it turns out, Chris Pine will take that turn as Wonder Woman's love-interest-slash-favorite-guy-with-two-first-names, according to the Wrap. A few months ago, the actor had begun talks for the Steve Trevor role, which also reportedly could have gone to Scott Eastwood. Plot and character details are still under wraps, but if Pine's role is anything like the source material, he could play some sort of military figure with a penchant for peril. The Wrap adds that Pine's contract is a multi-year deal, meaning he could be involved in sequels and that he probably won't be involved in WB's Green Lantern Corps, after all. Patty Jenkins is still attached to direct, and Pine will co-star opposite Gal Gadot, who will be introduced as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (Her appearance with Steve Trevor will come June 23, 2017.) Just who will pine after whom first is unknown at the moment. But the world should take solace in the fact that Pine's involvement means the pun opportunities are just beginning and there (hopefully) won't be a Boston accent in this movie. More important, the news is truly good because his involvement also means that Pine, who has been able to share the action spotlight in movies like Star Trek and the upcoming Z for Zachariah, will complement, not overshadow, Wonder Woman in her first new solo film.