Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Is Already Done

Pretty Quay-zy, right? Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

After rescuing Matthew McConaughey from the universe's most heartwarming black hole, what's Christopher Nolan doing for a follow-up? Directing a short documentary about a pair of avant-garde filmmaker brothers, of course! Actually, scratch the present tense on that — Nolan has already completed his film on the Quay twins, two identical brothers who have been making wordless stop-motion films since the late '70s. Knowing Nolan's obsession with puzzles and miniatures, it seems like a perfect match. The film's called Quay, and it will screen at New York's Film Forum in August — presumably to beat out Legend, the upcoming Tom Hardy movie about phonetically similar but completely unrelated Kray twins.

Here is a selection of Quay Brothers films to get you up to speed: