Bill Murray Will Be in the New Ghostbusters!


Bill Murray, possibly the greatest human being on Earth, has been reluctant to appear in a Ghostbusters reboot. Earlier this year, he told David Letterman that the underwhelming response to Ghostbusters II was the cause of his hesitancy. But Murray has a long history of messing with people, from crashing strangers' weddings to doing karaoke with strangers to eating strangers' French fries and whispering "No one will ever believe you" in their ears. Now it seems like Bill Murray has pulled a Bill Murray and tricked all of us once again: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Murray will, contrary to his previous assertions, appear in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters sequel, which is currently filming. He'll reunite with Dan Aykroyd, who will also appear in the film. Today is a great day.