Stephen Colbert Used to Break Character All the Time, You Just Didn’t Get to See It

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Over the course of The Colbert Report, little was as guaranteed to go viral as the few times Colbert broke character. Well, apparently, it actually wasn't that rare. "We would edit any mistake I ever did," Colbert told Time. "People said, 'Oh, you never broke' or 'You rarely broke.' That’s because we always took it out, because part of the character was he wasn’t a f—up. He was absolutely always on point. Win. Get over. Stay sharp. That was his attitude all the time, and we had to reflect that in the production of the show." However, that is all about to change. "None of that is necessary anymore. Now I can be a comedian." Can't wait for Suq Madiq to guest on The Late Show.