Watch Ethan Hawke Get High With His Teenage Son


By the end of Boyhood, Ethan Hawke's father figure had evolved enough that even his ex-wife Patricia Arquette noticed he'd become a pretty decent dad. Not so when we meet Hawke in his new film Ten Thousand Saints (out next Friday), where his parenting technique is much more questionable: After bringing his teenage son (Asa Butterfield) from Vermont to New York to live with him, Hawke breaks out the bong and invites the boy to get high. Turns out Dad's a pot dealer, and his laissez-faire attitude is at least era-appropriate, since Ten Thousand Saints is a coming-of-age story that takes place during the more tumultuous New York of 1988. Check out this exclusive clip from the movie, which also stars Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld as two other Manhattanites who'll give Butterfield a better shot at forming a family than his messed-up dad.