Donald Trump Is Being Very Coy About His Inevitable ‘SNL’ Appearance


Now that we know Taran Killam is playing Donald Trump on SNL this year, the next big question is the obvious: When will Donald Trump play Donald Trump on SNL this year? While speaking with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota recently, Trump was asked about whether or not he’s signed on to visit the show this season, and while he didn’t give a solid answer, it sounds safe to count on him showing up at some point:

When asked by CNN host Alisyn Camerota, “has SNL asked you to go on this season? Would you consider it?” Trump answered cryptically: “I’m not allowed to say that.” Camerota responded: “Oh really, why is that?” “Because I’m not allowed to say that.” She pressed: “Because… you’re in negotiations with them?” “I’m just not allowed to say it. I mean, I have– uh– silencio. I can’t speak about it.” Before moving on, Trump dropped a hint: “Perhaps you understand what that means.”