Madonna Did Kinky Stuff to Diplo to Kick Off Her Rebel Heart Tour


Madonna began her Rebel Heart tour last night in Montreal, and it looks like it was a combination of classic-concert-fun meets very-weird-Madge-fun. To the delight of Canadians and others in attendance, Diplo kicked off the night with a set and made a semi-surprise appearance during Madonna's "Unapologetic Bitch." Her latest collaborator, Banana, also made a surprise appearance. What followed was an incident à la Coachella's Drake kiss, albeit heightened: Madge made Diplo bend over and proceeded to do such things as spank and hump him. The parting gift: Banana. In footage from the event, Diplo looks rightfully confused, but obliges and then whips and nae naes. Good work, Diplo.

N.B.: If you are thinking of special- or surprise-guesting on this tour, just be advised it likely will not be the same as Taylor Swift's spot. (Amy Schumer is onboard for the New York leg; more info, as well as tickets, available here.)