Maisie Williams: Jon Snow Really Is ...


(Warning: If you're not caught up through season five of Game of Thrones, spoilers follow.)

... Dead. After Kit Harington told Humo Jon Snow would remain with HBO's Game of Thrones for years to come (though possibly as a zombie or a memory-slash-something-spiritually-freaky), Maisie Williams called shenanigans on her co-star and the Belgian publication that ran the interview. "He's dead. Sorry," she told TVLine at the Emmys, crushing the hopes of fans who had found new hope. "And the interview that you've all read [with] Kit's spoiler is fabricated, and it was totally false." He's dead. Like we haven't heard that one before.

While we believe that line of thinking doesn't really make sense for George R. R. Martin's story in the long run, Williams, at the least, still didn't say we'd never see him again or that he wouldn't be dead and then undead. In other words: This is likely confusing damage control that neither negates nor confirms anything Jon Snow–related. Nice move, Maisie. Roll the clip for her whole interview, in which she also talks Doctor Who and teases that Arya might be fighting blind. Whatever that means.