Smithers Will Come Out on The Simpsons

Smithers. Photo: FOX

In an interview with TVLine, Simpsons showrunner Al Jean reveals that the show's 27th season will be a big one for Waylon Smithers, lovelorn assistant to megalomaniacal businessman Mr. Burns: After decades of pining, Smithers will finally come out to his boss. "In Springfield now, most people know he’s gay, but obviously Burns doesn’t," Jean notes. "We deal with that in two episodes." And, in what seems like an even bigger step for Smithers, his steadfast loyalty will waver for the first time. Says Jean: "He gets fed up with Burns not appreciating him and considers his options." Will Smithers, without Burns, wither and die? And will Burns, without Smithers, realize that they really weren't saying Boo-urns?

In another interview with THR, Jean also states that he thinks it's possible that The Simpsons, which was just renewed through season 28, could end after its 30th season. "I wouldn’t be stunned if we stopped at 28 but my bet is on at least 30," he said. Of course, "at least 30" could mean anything, so fans' dreams of 60 seasons and a movie remain undimmed.