We May Never Get Jeremih’s Late Nights, But Hey, Here’s His New Song, ‘Oui’

What a pleasant surprise. Photo: Jeff Moore/Corbis

Jeremih hasn't released an album in five years, opening the door for many an R&B newcomer (see: the Weeknd) to steal his shine. Still, the anticipation and promise attached to his name — thanks to an excellent EP with Shlohmo, that song the clubs couldn't stop blasting, and another great song that J. Cole's sleazy, X-rated verse prevented from getting its due play — hasn't waned just yet. While we may never see the release of his long-gestating third album, Late Nights, a new song called "Oui" popped up on Spotify last night without warning to pique fans' interest. Wanna hear Jeremih take some rather interesting liberties with the French language? Of course you do: