Nathan Fielder, Entrepreneurial Genius, Is Back. Again. For the Third Time. On Comedy Central.


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Two seasons ago on Comedy Central, genius entrepreneur Nathan Fielder took world by storm with his unorthodox management style and out-of-the-box creative ideas for growing existing businesses. As a consultant, he’s saved countless small businesses from the brink of extinction. And now he’s back with a slew of never-been-done tactics that will surely capture the imagination of business folk and regular people alike. Watch new episodes of Nathan For You Thursdays 10/9c on Comedy Central.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nathan’s work, start here and watch every single video on Comedy Central. (You can also read our latest interview with him about season 3.)

When you’re done doing those things, watch the clip above for a taste of what Nathan’s been up to. His latest slew or projects include: horsey rides for the very large, a sound-proof sex box for parents on vacation with their kids, a scheme to sue Best Buy, and the realization that there’s more to life than just business. Finally, catch Nathan For You Thursdays 10/9c on Comedy Central or anytime on the Comedy Central app!