Watch Aubrey Plaza Try to Ask Out Natasha Lyonne


For years, it’s fallen to Natasha Lyonne and Aubrey Plaza to give deadpan ballast to two of your favorite comedies (Orange Is the New Black and Parks and Recreation, respectively), so you’ve got to hand it to director Jamie Babbit for thinking to pair these two scene-stealers romantically in her new movie Addicted to Fresno. At least romance is what Plaza has on her mind in this exclusive scene, where she attempts to hit on an oblivious Lyonne to no avail. (To be fair, Lyonne has somewhat bigger fish to fry in this movie: Her sister Judy Greer has accidentally killed someone, and the two siblings are trying desperately to cover it up.) Will the two of them find love in Fresno, which comes out tomorrow in theaters (and is currently on demand and on iTunes)? At the very least, they can bond over a similar comic wavelength.