The Daily Show Launches Petition to Rescue Jeb Bush From His ‘Miserable’ Campaign

Jeb Bush. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Inspired by the movie Blackfish, Trevor Noah last night launched a campaign to save another of nature's beautiful creatures trapped in captivity — Jeb Bush! As Noah discovered, once you peek beneath Bush's thin veneer of confidence, you find an unhappy animal forced to perform pointless tricks to a gaggle of grating spectators. So, he argued, the time had come to set Bush free, to let him wander the oceans of consultancy and energy interests like the rest of his species. And to prove this wasn't just posturing, the show went so far as to set up a petition to demand Jeb's release. "Forcing this intelligent, sensitive mammal to try to cope in these unnatural conditions is inhumane," the petition argues. "By freeing Jeb Bush, you will pave the way for a more ethical treatment of all presidential candidates whose family members have already been president."