How to Get Away With Murder Recap: No. 1 Murder Suspect

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How to Get Away With Murder
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I Want You to Die
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Friendships, we are officially two weeks away from finding out who shot Annalise. Finally! I mean, as much as I like suspense, I also want to get to the point because we all know that she's going to survive because she's the star of the show, a-doy! And, by now, we pretty much know the reason she was shot: Because she's a terrible person who lies to everyone, looks out for herself first, and is the queen of lording people's secrets over them like mistletoe. The fact that she has not been shot before now is a bigger miracle than the story of a small quantity of oil lighting a menorah that lasted for eight days. Anyhoo, Anna's life hangs in the balance, and I'm 100 percent sure that Bonnie is behind the shooting and by "100 percent sure," I mean, I'm not at all sure, but after I watched "I Want You to Die," I think Bonnie might have the biggest reason to harm Annalise. So let's jump into discussing everything that happened on last night's episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

We open with a flash-forward. Connor and Michaela are leaving the mansion and Wes and Laurel decide they have to stop them, which would be cool except that Wes is holding a gun! We then cut to four days earlier as Wes is getting out of the shower. He looks as delectable as a chocolate croissant, so I'm into it. As he's getting ready for class, he finds the gun that Levi left behind and it is the same gun from the flash-forward.

He and the rest of the interns are still on the Hapstill case. This time, they're getting background info on the cousin who they suspect is setting up Caleb and Catherine. Like we learned last week, his name is Phillip. He is a loner who only has four friends and plays lots of video games. Apologies for the generalization I'm about to make but he's (possibly) a virginal loner who is also broke. He did it. And I'm not just talking about murdering Caleb and Catherine's parents. I'm blaming this dude for everything that is bad. He sounds like he's all about that "some people just want to watch the world burn" life that Michael Caine warned Bruce Wayne about in The Dark Knight. So did Phillip kill the parents? Obvs. Is he planning on hurting Connor and/or Oliver? Of course. Is he probably the cause of me missing FedEx when they attempted to deliver my package from Forever 21? Sure.

Across town, we're at the hospital. Nate is packing up the rest of his dead wife's belongings and the nurse enters the room and gives him a blanket that Nia made. I can't tell if this nurse has a boner for him, but because this is a Shondaland production, I'm going to say this woman at least has a little thing for Nate, which is understandable. But she needs to fall back and cool her jets. His wife just died. Anyway, they keep chatting until Nate gets served with court papers from Sinclair (LOL this chick) who wants to put him on trial for murdering his wife. Does Sinclair have no other work? Every week, she's putting Nate on trial, and I'm pretty sure this is not how the legal system works. You can't just have a standing reservation to take someone to court, especially when you keep losing. It's like when I keep playing Temple Run even though I lose every time on level seven. At a certain point, you just have to give it up and do something more productive with your time, like get up to date on the ManBunMondays Instagram account. It's amazing.

Anyway, this is bumming me out because Nate just cannot catch a break these days, but then I'm immediately happy again because Annalise calls on Eve to help out with Nate again. YAAAAAS! I'm glad these ladies are in the same town again so they can make googly eyes at each other and go in half on a six pack of Activia yogurt.

Not every couple is in good spirits. Even though Asher didn't participate in the sexual assault, it happened at his house, and Bonnie is livid that he was too drunk to prevent the rape. As much I want them to stop fighting and make up, she has a point. Asher had a responsibility to make sure his party was safe space and because he was off getting drunk and not paying attention, Tiffany was attacked. Throughout the episode, Asher tries to explain himself, says he will track her down, says he will pay her money, and Bonnie is like, "You don't get it. It's not about the money. It's the fact that you can so easily waltz through life not haunted by what happened. Tiffany can't."


Thank you! I know that Asher is young, but he is so clueless sometimes. Money is not a fix-all. UGH!

Now onto the case of the week. Like last episode, it's not super fascinating, but only because there is so much else going on. In this case there is a creepy rich guy who is on trial for killing Marco, the husband of his ex-wife Sharon. There's a lot of back-and-forth and defamation (Marco is a depressed alcoholic! Dale is a jerk!). The 911 recording shows that Marco says he killed himself because of some dude. It seems like it's because of Dale. But with the help of Laurel charming Sharon's lawyer's doorman, we learn that the ADA and Sharon were having an affair. So Marco actually killed himself because Sharon was making it clap for the ADA. Poor Marco! Instead of killing himself, he should have just gotten a divorce and then had a fling with someone half his age. Oh, well. Anyway, that was the case and Laurel was the MVP. And not just because of saving Annalise's case.

She is still smashing Frank. They are boning so much that they have to find new places to bone. Like the foyer of Annalise's house and law practice. They're turned on by the idea of getting caught, which is not that hard to do because they are in THE FOYER of Anna's home. I mean, they are basically making out next to Anna's coat rack when she walks in on them. Next time, they need to keep it classy and go to the pantry and slob each other down next to some Ziploc freezer bags. Anyway, Flaurel is killing it and Laurel is stepping it up as a student, so she expects Anna to give her props. But Anna doesn't because she says the less she says to you, the more you're doing everything right. Okay, fine, a little encouragement would be nice, but that's not Annalise's jam.

Connor and Oliver are getting closer and closer, which is cute, until it's not. And that "not" is when Oliver shows up at Anna's place because he was helping Frank with something. UHHHHH, no. Oliver, Frank is a hot piece, but he is also a dangerous piece. There is no need for y'all to be friends; however, seeing the three of them in a room throughout various parts of the episode has me convinced that this couple would be a hot three-way. And also mainly because Frank says this jokingly (although, I feel like Frank doesn't joke) ...



... because I would be super into some Frank-Oliver-Connor three-way action. Anyway, back to Coliver. The real problem here is that Connor's life is dangerous and Ollie doesn't realize that. He thinks it's fun to help out at his bae's job, and I really would feel better if Oliver was content with living life in the slow lane and dealing with 404 error pages. He's not. He wants to investigate Phillip some more. But more on that in a second. We have to talk about Eve and Annalise.

This ship is still going strong. Sure, Eve may be having casual hookups in NYC, but Anna is her true love. I like that they are adults about this and not overly possessive of each other. They know what the limitations are to their relationship distance and Annalise not being in the head space for a super serious relationship — so they're having fun. So much fun that, at one point, they joke about going on vacation to Paris with Sam's money. These women are perfection. Anyway, they share a night of JoAnn Fabrics art-and-crafts passion, aka they scissor, which is very sweet. Now, I want to write something really quickly and I don't want you to hate me. You probably will, but I'm going to go for it. I kind of like Nate and Eve together. I don't know what it means either! I think if they hooked up it would be too much for the show, but they have chemistry, y'all! And she is always coming up with a way to keep him out of jail. This time, she fudged lab results to make it seem like there were no drugs in Nia's system. So I could see if Nate had a crush on her or something.

One more thing about the lez-be-honest relationship. I believe that Annalise is her most truthful self around Eve. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Annalise admits that she is protecting Wes because he is her biological son whom she gave up for adoption years ago. I can't be sure because, once again, HTGAWM is being unnecessarily vague. But I don't know what else the secret could be. They MUST be blood-related somehow. Hopefully, we'll find out once and for all by the time of the Winter Finale. Only time will tell ...

Okay, so there are only a couple of issues left in this episode, and they revolve around two couples: Colliver and Asher and Bonnie (Ashie? No. Bonher? Definitely not). So Oliver has continued his sleuthing when it comes to Phillip and decides to hit him up on a gay dating site by using Connor's picture. Connor is pissed about this, while everyone else is mad chill. I guess because it's not their loved one, they don't give an eff? Anyway, Oliver thinks that Connor should meet Phillip. Frank is like, "Yeah! A stakeout!" Okay, what are his other passions, because stakeouts and killing people? Does Frank knit? Make artisanal cheese? Revitalize the Kegel industry because women want to be ready on the off-chance they can bone him, so women are doing keegs all day and night?? Because it can't just be that he likes to kill people or put people in danger. Anyway, so they do this stakeout. Connor is waiting for Phillip at a coffee shop, but this soon ends because Laurel snitches on them to Annalise, who thinks this plan is batshit and will call the cops if they won't stop. So that's over. Yay!

Another thing that is over? Bonnie and Annalise. Normally, they have drag-out fights where they are crying, but it's clear they will make up somehow. Not this time. Bonnie and Asher break up because she can't look past Asher's inaction with Tiffany. He pleads for Bonnie's forgiveness and says he gets why she is so mad. Oh. So that was a young Bonnie getting molested by her father in that video. First of all, oh no! And secondly, that is super messed-up of Annalise! That was Bonnie's story to tell, not Anna's. Sure, Anna spilled the beans to stop Asher from going to the police, but it was completely disrespectful and hurtful to Bonnie to use her that way. That's when Bonnie tells her that Annalise doesn't know how to love anyone and that she wished Anna had died instead of Sam. WOW! That is so mean and there's no taking that back. So they're done.

We cut to Oliver who is getting home. He walks into his apartment and before the door closes all the way, a man enters behind him. It's Phillip. NOOOOOOOO! OMG! This is horrible. What's going to happen to Ollie?! We won't find out until next week because we end on the flash-forward, and it was Bonnie who killed Sinclair by shoving her off a balcony. Okay, I'm going to need Bonnie and Frank to chill on all the killing. They are getting their numbers up and that ain't good. Anyway, y'all, I cannot continue with this thing called life until I know that Oliver is okay. Why did this have to happen to him? He is literally an angel who wanted nothing more than to make his baby proud. If Oliver is dead, I'm done. I literally will be done with this show (no, I won't), and I will cry like Rose cried for Jack at the end of Titanic.

Alrighty, anyone else scared for Oliver?