John Cena’s Military-Inspired Reality Show Will Get You Off the Couch (Maybe)

John Cena is going to make you get physical. Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

It's no secret that Americans love to watch feats of strength, so Fox is getting some skin in the muscle game. John Cena will host a military-inspired reality competition show called American Grit that will bring a group of super-fit civilians together to do military-grade training and survival-themed challenges. Cena will be joined by a group of mentors called the "Cadre," who will get these (again, probably already very fit) people battle-ready. First, they'll be split into teams, where the winning team will be safe from elimination. The rest will fight it out in a final obstacle course called the "Circus," where the weakest person will be eliminated. Sounds fun! We'll be watching, Nutella jar in hand.