Master of None and How We Talk About Race on TV


Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix series, Master of None, engages with questions of race, identity, and representation more than your average American comedy. On this episode of “The Vulture TV Podcast,” Matt, Gazelle, and guests E. Alex Jung and Mallika Rao discuss how things have changed and stayed the same in 2015, the feedback loop, and their personal experiences with the challenges of writing about race as critics.

Further reading: "Why More Actors Should Be Cast Against Type" by Matt Zoller Seitz; "Is It Time to Retire Apu?" by Mallika Rao; Vulture's Master of None recaps; "Key and Peele Knew How to Tell a Race Joke" and "Asian American Immigrants Are Starting to Get Some Respect" by E. Alex Jung.

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