Puff Daddy Shares Surprise MMM Behind-the-Scenes Documentary, Filled With Very Puffy, Very Inspirational Quotes


Tied to the surprise release of MMM, Hip-Hop's Man of Many Names has also surprise-released a companion, behind-the-scenes piece. The 14-minute gift plays like a celebrity game of I Spy, intercut with making-of vignettes and no dearth of motivation straight from the music mogul's mouth. (The latter of which might make you feel lazy, but can also be used as a how-to guide for becoming more productive.)

Watch Armani Ortiz's whole mini-doc above, and revisit some of the rapper's most classically inspirational moments, time-stamped below, to get a peek into the mindset that led to MMM:

  • "Y'all gonna have to have goals, man. I'm trying to be great — you're moving like average human beings. I didn't come here to just fucking die. I came here to live, man. Change the world and be great. I need more, more, more, more, more — I need more than anybody [...] I want to be the best, you guys don't want to be the best, man. You're being average. You think you're doing something that nobody's doing? Real talk." [0:05]
  • "I'm not the guy like Kanye West ... what you see is what you get. I just like to dance in my living room." [1:31]
  • Quick set of Diddy-ups because you can never forget about fitness. [2:38]

  • "I've come here. God sent me here to show you that we can get it. I said we." [4:18]

  • Making air piano look easy. [5:24]

  • His extended, well-received impression of Lonnie from I Love You, Man. [6:02]
  • "You know, you can't count me out. I. Am. Like. A. Ghost. You know already! You know it was almost time!" [7:55]

  • "What's my saying? Stay close to the money, right? ... Where the fucking billionaires at? ... If you ain't inspired by that — that's what I do. Where are the motherfuckers that got the most money and are doing the most shit to change the world? Put me close to the money. I want it all." [8:55]
  • "Ain't nobody wanna clap with me? Ain't nobody got no hands?" [9:51]

  • The walk. [11:26]
  • Everything in the last two minutes, but especially the discussion of hats and: "Only the song survives, son. Even when I'm gone ... my song's gonna be here. Only the song survives — believe that, Jack. That's why I only make smashes." [13:33]
  • Also, his shirt at the very end, which is its own work of art. [14:04]

You can listen to the results of the sessions and stream MMM in full, here. Then, once you've been thoroughly inspired, go out and conquer like Diddy.