This R2-D2 Plane Is the Droid You’re Looking For

*beep bloop* Photo: Then Chih Wey/Xinhua Press/Corbis

In case you ever need to travel halfway around the globe to tell Alec Guinness that he's your only hope to overthrow the massive Galactic Empire, Japan's All Nippon Airways has just the plane for you. Mashable took a trip inside the airline's new R2-D2-style Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which maintains all the styling consistency of your average Star Wars obsessive's basement with its plush Yoda dolls and Stormtrooper candy holders. Oh, and there are also lightsaber-wielding flight attendants — no word on whether they deliver in-flight announcements through a series of beeps, whirs, and clicks.

All Nippon Airways also has a website set up to promote its Star Wars jet collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, in which it reveals that it will also have a BB-8-themed jet and a more generic Star Wars–themed jet flying American and Japanese routes. The site also lists the flight paths for the R2-D2 jet, which travels between San Jose and Narita in the coming months. Restructure your commute accordingly.