What Is This Random Chinese Tupac Biopic?


Tupac's likeness has shown up a few times in film — most recently in Straight Outta Compton — but an official stand-alone biopic has been on hold for years. Leave it to the internet to finally DIY a Tupac biopic into existence: An actor named Tsalta Baptiste recently uploaded the trailer for Until the End of Time, an unauthorized Chinese film about the rap legend that looks as weird as it sounds. In the trailer, we see a Chinese student who's too busy listening to Pac's "So Many Tears" to care about his teacher, until it dawns on him that he just found inspiration for his homework assignment. Cut to clips of Baptiste as Tupac, recreating one of his many philosophical interviews, and the kid questioning a woman who claims to have once known Pac intimately. As happens to any teen working on a high-school report, the Chinese government then comes after him, and the whole thing turns into an episode of Empire. Few things make less sense, but points for originality!