Why Colin Jost Stepped Down As SNL’s Head Writer

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

In an interview with NPR's Terry Gross, Colin Jost discussed why he chose to be an SNL writer this season rather than continue as co-head writer. It all boils down to stress and artistic fulfillment, which seems like the kind of thing you would not want to mention to Drunk Uncle. "It’s much more you’re thinking about the logistics of the show, which doesn’t really free your brain as a performer," Jost said about the head-writer gig during the interview, which he conducted alongside "Weekend Update" co-anchor Michael Che. "And I had been a head writer for three or four years, and then I was a writing supervisor for, like, three years before that, so I had been some version of that job for, like, six years, and it burns you out." Kids these days! Does this work-life balance contain probiotics? Is this mental well-being locally sourced? Then again, Colin Jost won't be spending Thanksgiving sobbing into the guest bathroom's hand towels, so who's the one making good decisions here?