Jerry Seinfeld Announces 2016 Residency at the Beacon Theatre


If you’d like to see Jerry Seinfeld perform in New York City next year, you can count on him showing up at least once a month at the Beacon Theatre. Today the Madison Square Garden Company announced Seinfeld’s yearlong residency, titled Jerry Seinfeld: The Homestand, which will kick off in January and feature monthly performances by Seinfeld at the Beacon Theatre. Tickets for the first six shows from January through June go on sale Monday, December 7th at the Beacon Theatre’s website. “My favorite theater in New York to perform in has always been The Beacon,” Seinfeld said on the news. “Comedians live for certain houses that just feel ‘alive’ for some reason. The Beacon is that place for me and I am so excited to make it my new home.”