Rich Vos Didn’t Make Zach Broussard’s Annual List of Top 1000 Comedians Again


Back in June, comedians Zach Broussard and Rich Vos had a hilarious over-the-phone confrontation after Vos discovered that he wasn’t featured in Broussard’s joke list “Top 1000 Comedians of 2014 (So Far!),” and now that 2015 is drawing to a close, Broussard has released his updated list for the year in a sadistically formatted website Despite there being at least one case where a comedian is featured on the list twice, Vos had another round of bad luck this year, as Broussard ends the entire list with this “Honorable Mention” page for him:

Vos told us in June that “even on an ironic list, I should be on it. Near the top,” so technically he got his wish. At the very least, Broussard obviously considered Vos for inclusion, which is better than nothing! Better luck in 2016, Vos.

Check out Broussard’s full list here, if you dare.

UPDATE: Vos responds: