Ronda Rousey Lives Up to Her Promise to Go to Marine Corps Ball, Continuing to Be Cool Enough to Do That

Photo: Randy Holmes/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

After being asked out by lance corporal Jarrod Haschert, Ronda Rousey showed up to the Marine Corps Ball Friday night, proving to the world that she is just as cool about things like that as you would hope. Haschert's post inviting Rousey to the ball racked up millions of views on Facebook, finally prompting Rousey to accept in September, saying, "Do I call him? Or do I set up a time and place like Never Been Kissed and wait until the clock runs out and be like, 'I'm here'?" After Rousey's fight with Holly Holm was moved up to November 14, Rousey got the chance to live up to her word. "After the fight, she never hesitated for a second whether or not she was going to attend," a source told ESPN. "She made a promise to a Marine and was going to keep that promise. It was as simple as that. That's Ronda."