Are You a Dog? There’s a Concert for You Tonight

Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images

If you're a dog who has gained access to your owner's laptop or iPad, there's a treat for you! Oh no, not a literal treat. Not like a piece of bacon or your own poop or something. Sorry, that was really misleading. As a more metaphorical treat, musician/good girl Laurie Anderson will be playing a concert specifically for dogs at 11:30pm in Times Square tonight as part of Times Square's "Midnight Moments" series. The songs will be played at a low frequency you will absolutely love, while wireless headphones will be available for human listeners. Scrabble your little claws over the track pad, and you can check out Anderson's canine oeuvre in the clip below. While Anderson claims, "We actually don't know what kind of music dogs like," one day the world will know how much you guys love ska and nu-metal. Until then … well, it's just nice to have someone think of you, isn't it? Yes, it is! Yes, it is! Oh, who's a good boy? It's you!