Kanye and Miley’s ‘Black Skinhead’ Remix Is Finally Here, in All Its Weird Glory

It's about time. Photo: Getty Images

Three years ago, Kanye shocked rap snobs when a "Black Skinhead" remix with Miley Cyrus was rumored to be in the works (remember, this was at peak #twerkgate), only for it never to materialize. Fast-forward a few stolen laptops and a supposed G.O.O.D. Friday reboot later, and that unfinished remix has finally made its way onto the interwebs, leaking Wednesday night. What does a Miley-Kanye union from 2013 sound like in 2016? Like 1985, apparently — if we're to go off Miley's cover of Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," which makes up the majority of the considerably toned-down song. Travis Scott and Lupe Fiasco may or may not also appear on the track. Everything may or may not be right with the world.