LL Cool J Will Rap With Strangers in the Airport (As Long As They Are Married to John Oliver)


If you see LL Cool J waiting for his luggage at the airport like a normal person who does not host a celebrity lip-syncing program, what should you do? Just stand there and look like a dummy? No! Instead, you should go up to him and start rapping one of his songs at him like a crazy person because, as John Oliver told Jimmy Fallon (who, you may remember, is one of the creators of Lip Sync Battle, hmmmm, but put that thought out of your mind for the next 30 seconds, before things start to get too Network in here), that's exactly what his wife did, and LL Cool J responded by rapping an entire song with her. Is it worth mentioning that John Oliver's wife looks like this, and that you may not face similar results if you, an unfamiliar stranger, approach LL Cool J while gesticulating wildly? Maybe.