Taran Killam’s Festive ‘12 Facts of Hamilton Not Covered in the Show’ Reveals Alexander Hamilton’s Favorite Kardashian


SNL's Taran Killam stopped by the best thing on Broadway, the Hamilton ticket-lottery preshow Ham4Ham, with Lin-Manuel Miranda this weekend to drop a little knowledge all wrapped up in a Christmas ditty. Killam's "12 Days of Christmas" parody contained five actual Hamilton facts not discussed in the musical and seven "best guesses," all of which sound pretty dead-on. It should almost go without saying that Khloé is Alexander Hamilton's favorite Kardashian. The man was a founding father, a pioneer, and a genius. Who else was he supposed to pick? Kourtney? Kim? You have a lot of learning to do if you think the answer is Kim. Even Kris would make more sense than Kim. Go get in that lottery line and educate yourself, people!