Jean-Claude Van Damme Will Star in Action-Comedy Pilot for Amazon

Van Johnson. Photo: Justin Baker/Getty Images

Jean-Claude Van Damme is coming to Amazon as you've sort of seen him before — except now he's a guy named Jean-Claude Van Johnson, in an action-comedy pilot also called Jean-Claude Van Johnson. According to The Hollywood Reporter, JCVJ "will star Van Damme as a version of himself — a famous actor and martial arts pro who comes out of retirement to resume his alter-ego: an undercover private contractor by the name of Jean-Claude Van Johnson." Is this kind of like the Mad About You Paul Reiser/Paul Buchman situation? Or the Lucille Ball to Lucy Ricardo switcheroo? Van Damme is obviously no stranger to action, but he's also no stranger to comedy. Wham bam Van Damme ... er, Johnson!