Killer Mike Explains Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’


While most rational humans recognized the importance of Beyoncé's monumental Super Bowl performance, less-rational creatures, such as Rush Limbaugh, have decried it as being emblematic of the "social decay and cultural rot that is befalling our country." Speaking with provocateur par excellence Bill Maher, Killer Mike expounded on why Limbaugh, "hip-hop expert Rudy Giuliani," and other racist talking heads are so very wrong about "Formation." The Run the Jewels rapper and Bernie Sanders supporter, is, as always, honest, enlightened, and entertaining. "White people, it's not always about you," he says. He goes on:

"When you hear her talk about the record, she says like first, 'I'm not in the Illuminati.' She's talking to other black people saying, 'Look stupid, because I'm not at Ferguson when you want me to be doesn't mean I sold you out.' And then the rest of the first verse is her telling other black people, 'I like being black, this is the type of black I am. I like the fact my daughter's black, I like my old Michael Jackson nose, I like my child with an afro. I like me.' White people, that conversation wasn't even for you."

Maher translated for all the white people at home: "What's she saying is 'Ladies, time to get in formation,' which means, 'Kill whites,' I think we're all clear."