Lionel Richie Once Sent Dave Grohl 500 Muffins, Which Is Definitely a Lot of Muffins

Dave Grohl.

This is the way life should be: friends giving delicious muffin baskets in times of need, and friends returning the gesture with enthusiastic Lionel Richie covers. If there is a heaven — and there almost certainly isn't — this is what it will sound and smell like. On Saturday night, musicians gathered for a MusiCares Person of the Year tribute concert for Lionel Richie, during which Dave Grohl dedicated Richie's "You Are" to the man himself as repayment for an unexpected kind gesture following a leg injury. Explained Grohl:

“When I got out of surgery, I was in my hospital room, and I started getting flowers and get-well cards and stuff like that. One day my wife comes into the room and says, ‘Wait till you see the muffin basket that just showed up.’ I went in there and this was the biggest muffin basket I’ve ever seen. It was like 500 muffins. This high! But I didn’t know who it was from. A couple days later, I got a text from my tour manager. He says, ‘Hey, Lionel Richie called and wanted to know if you got the muffin basket.’ So Lionel, tonight, I didn’t bring you a muffin basket, I brought you this.”

Five hundred muffins from Lionel Richie! What a dream. Sure, that's about 475 more than any human could eat in a week, meaning the rest would shrivel up into inedible muffin mummies. And yes, a diet consisting entirely of muffins would probably disrupt your body so badly your limbs would never fully heal, but still. It's the Lionel Richie that counts.