See Why Cupcakes Will Never Taste the Same


This newest piece from Greg Stees and Rachel Laforest really blows my hair back. Seriously, my hair is all the way back. Like gelled back, or so you’d think, when, in actuality, it’s just a short film called Cupcakes that’s responsible.

Stees and Laforest have a knack for the bizarre and a great network of LA comedy folks to help them turn weird to wonderful. Cupcakes is a perfect example of this kind of synergy and an endorsement for the kind of “Fuck it, let’s just shoot this” filmmaking that can yield giddy results when set in the hands of such competent auteurs.

We make comedy because it’s fun and makes us feel good. Stees and Laforest keep that bedrock tenet top of mind. They make us feel like we’re watching something our best friends are putting on at a high school assembly – when things were always the most viscerally funny. Their humor is honest and inclusive, and – for those reasons – inspiring.

Luke is a writer/director for CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

See Why Cupcakes Will Never Taste the Same